Manufacturing and Fabrication

SCE Manufacturing and Fabrication division has been offering high-class fabricated equipment for projects and manufacturing in all over the Pakistan. To meet global industrialization, we have developed integrated Project management ... approaches to ensure worthy project executions by following best practices in Engineering, Planning, Procurement and QHSE. Our manufacturing strength is complimented with global technological alliances for specialized equipment. Integrated customized management systems ensure cross functional monitoring of the processes and timely delivery of the goods.

Vehicle Engineering

SCE is a manufacturer of solid and liquid waste management equipment. Providing services and equipment to reputable industries and organizations in public and private sector. SCE is the only dedicated Solid and Liquid Waste ... Management equipment manufacturing company in Pakistan and has over 300 satisfied customers throughout the country.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

We know there is no substitute of experience when repairs can cost millions per day.SEC highly experience team add value to your assets by maintaining them precisely that ensures maintenance ...budget optimization and minimize production losses by reducing plant down time.

Design House

In SCE, we are providing Design Services for mechanical, process and instrumentation (Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Piping, Structures, Conveying Systems etc) civil , thermal, E&I ... Design. Our Engineers have extensive knowledge of most applicable Codes & Standards and work closely with you to ensure all components and instrumentation comply with requirements including local codes, offshore regulations etc.

Corporate Maintenance Intelligent System (CMIS)

Corporate Maintenance Intelligent System (CMIS) is smart Asset Management Solution for optimized plant operation. Through its four enterprise modules, ...CMIS regulates and tracks all maintenance activities with respect to different functional locations and equipment categories. Supported by six Corporate Business Intelligence (CBI) add-ons, CMIS output can be generated in variety of graphical formats, which make it convenient to analyze all plant operations in one glance. CMIS generates an maintains asset operational histories in a systematic matter and tracks maintains expenses in different categories.

We provide innovative product solutions for sustainable progress.

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